CalArts EXPO 2022
This is the submission poster CalArts EXPO, a school-wide exhibition featuring the works of students and alums that will take place at the end of this semester. The entire branding for the exhibition is still in progress!!
Collaboration with Chengcheng Hang and Mandy Jin
Zackary Drucker
Poster designed for Paul Brach Visiting Artist Lectures at CalArts
Plant Your Little Help
A explainer video made for a campaign proposal for TESCO
Life of a Flower
Stop animation
GIF Animation
Strange Beauty
Abstract video
Subversive Responsiveness
Code web pieces that “tell a story” when the user resizes the browser window.
Soft Body Experiment

Post-Tactile Deprivation
A series of weird steps of visual explorations that leads to the final poster created for a fictional event “Post Tactile–Deprivation: Recover Connection and Contact”, which is supposed to take place after this coronavirus pandemic is over. The goal of the event is to recover our close connection with others, with the environment and even with ourselves through a series of exhibitions, workshops, lectures and activities that rebuild our fine tactile function.
Web coding
100 Owls
Make 100 very different iterations of owls into a book using various materials and techniques in a crazily short period of time. The mood is to work fast and be fearless.
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